Business Intelligence

Decisions are the essence of strategy, equally so in digital businesses where there are many more decisions coming at a faster and faster rate. Successful decisions are based on both facts and experience. Information is crucially important part of successful decision making. Companies are building more and more sophisticated applications to collect relevant data and turn that into meaningful information to be used in all business activities.

As the success in digital business is a moving target, so is the definition of relevant data and information. This is something to remember when upgrading your capabilities in big data analytics. Companies are moving to a cycle of continuous improvement using methods like agile development and “live-beta” to increase the pace of innovation. This leads to even more rapid decision making, which is to be supported by effective and timely analytics. In general, by investing in the data mining and analyzing solutions, companies in digital transformation want to improve the “clock speed” of their business.

Defining, designing and implementing data analyzing applications and solutions to such business environment is highly challenging task. We are supporting companies in upscaling their big data business analyzing capabilities to a new level. By combining our broad skills in software development with comprehensive business management experience we secure the success of our customers’ projects.