The successful digital businesses know that it’s not enough to develop just one or two corners of the company’s business model, but to develop the company and its operations as one ever evolving entity. Digitization is a moving target, so success is a journey, not a destination. That’s why our operative model is based on understanding the targets and operations of our customer. We help in building productive solutions with effective methods by combining strong business experience with open minded academic approach.

We support our customers in change. Corporate planning is the starting point for change, and to our services and expertise. By supporting the execution of plans we want to secure the success. Our services include development of customer interaction, digital marketing and sales. Not to forget development of products and services. Knowledge intensive management, where you manage and make decisions by combining analyzed data and decision makers’ individual experience, is our special area of expertise. Practical knowledge of business economics and understanding of organizational structure as a tool to drive change helps us in building effective and productive solutions to our customers.

Our technical solutions include many custom architected planning- and management systems, BI/DW and CMS-solutions. Examples of these can be found in Custom solutions –page. MINT valueAct is an effective tool to support strategic planning in digital age. We have been working with banks and insurance, telecom, logistics and wholesale companies as well as with machinery and metal product industries. Our customers have relied on our expertise already for eleven years.

Mint customers include large corporations and medium size businesses, both national and international. Many of our projects have been carried out as international multivendor programs, where part of our work has been securing effective cooperation of all parties in order to meet our customers’ targets.

Mint Consulting – your closest companion in creating digital company!